The Ayurvedic term for gently oiling the body is abhyanga. This is so exact that the Sanskrit term sneha translates to "oil" and/or "love," therefore Snehana "to oil oneself" also means "to love oneself."


Regular abhyanga practice is said to produce a profound sense of stability, strength, and well-being. It also restores balance to the three doshas, massages the lymphatic system, boosts circulation, improves skin tone, enhances stamina, calms the nerves, counteracts the effects of ageing, and cultivates self-love.


Performing Self-Abhyanga

  1. Start by immersing your body oil in hot water until it reaches a comfortable temperature.
  2. Massage oil into the body for 10-15 minutes, starting at the extremities and working your way to the core.
  3. Massage your feet and hands vigorously with the open part of your hand in back-and-forth motions.
  4. Massage the arms and legs using circular strokes on the joints and long, back-and-forth strokes on the limbs.
  5. Massage the belly clockwise, following the direction of the large intestine and colon.
  6. Massage the chest in small, upward, circular motions, beginning at the bottom of the breastbone and working your way up to the collarbone, as well as around the outside of the breasts.
  7. Massage your back as thoroughly as you can. To aid improve the downward flow of energy, employ a downward stroke on the lower back.
  8. Allow yourself to relax after you've massaged your entire body.


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