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Vedic Karela Juice

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Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon is an excellent detoxifier. It always supports healthy blood sugar levels.

It is additionally known for its active component: Charantin. Numerous studies are being conducted to study the effects of Charantin in maintaining healthy Blood Sugar Levels. Our Juice being a pure juice of Bitter Melon contains the whole spectrum profile of the fruit. This is far superior in use and efficacy to any other form of Bitter Melon (compared to capsules - which either are dried, contain standardized extracts, or powders which are hard to tell the purity due to difficulty in tasting, or tablets which can contain numerous excipients).

What main benefits is Karela Juice known for?

  • Bitter gourd or Karela is a seasonal vegetable and is very bitter in taste.
  • Rich source of pho sphorus.
  • Supports natural detoxification of blood, supports liver and pancreatic health and maintains normal blood sugar levels.

Recommended use: Simply add one 30ml shot of Karela Juice to water, stir, and consume twice a day.